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Principal Message

Dear Parents, Students, Alumni and Friends,

As the Principal of Central Union High School, I am looking forward to another great year.  It is an honor to work with over 1900 students and nearly 160 staff members to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for your student. Central Union High School is proud of our rich history of academic, extra-curricular, and athletic programs designed to benefit and advance student curricular and extracurricular achievements.  We offer a variety of course offerings and pathways that are rigorous and supported by wonderful staff members working to ensure students’ academic success.  Additionally, our students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities that allow our students to showcase their talents throughout the year from athletic teams, Robotics Team,  cheerleading, tall flags, majorettes, Spar-teens and The Great Spartan Band to just name a few. 

This year (and every year), the students and staff of Central Union will work towards shaping the future of our students by developing skills, abilities, and knowledge. The Central Union staff believes that teaching above and beyond the standards helps ensure all students are Career and College Ready. Central Union is very proud of our rich traditions and we look forward to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all students. Help us encourage your students to become involved in our programs outside of the regular school day. Student organizations, clubs, and athletics all promote and support school community involvement and academic success.

I look forward to working with the many families that trust the Central Union staff to educate and care for their students. The administration team is always available to meet and discuss school issues or the individual progress of any student with parents, guardians, and the students themselves. Additionally, our excellent counselors and other support staff make themselves available at all times to assist in supporting our students’ experience.

To make the school year the best for you and your student please support Central Union High School in any way you can. Consider becoming part of the Spartan family, by joining the Spartan Athletic Club, our Band Booster club, or volunteering for help with school events and activities. I look forward to making the high school experience a positive and memorable one for you and your student. We hope to see you at our many activities that make high school a great experience!  On behalf of the staff here at Central Union, thanks for supporting us and your student and making this a great year!


Craig Lyon

Go Spartans!!!

What's New


Sept. 16th - Minimum Day Sept. 18th - Home Football game @ 6 p.m. Sept. 21st - School Site Council @ 4 p.m.

January 24th - Minimum Day
Advanced Placement (AP) PARENT NIGHT - If you are a student enrolled in AP classes and/or are interested in enrolling in an AP class next year, we will be holding a Parent Information Meeting on Tuesday, January 30th, at 6 pm in the MPR. Information on AP classes offered on campus as well as testing informational will be shared. AP teachers will be available to answer any questions you may have about either course information and/or tutoring sessions. All courses are open for enrollment to all interested students. AP courses prepare students to take AP tests in the Spring. Scoring high on the exams may exempt a student from needing to take general education courses in college saving you money and time. Please join us for this informational meeting to see if AP is right for you on Tuesday, January 30th at 6 pm. Students will be enrolling in courses for next year beginning in mid-February. This is an excellent opportunity to get information to help you decide if Advanced Placement classes are right for you. Don’t miss out!
MATH TUTORING UPDATES – If you need assistance in Algebra 1 or Geometry, tutoring is available in Mrs. Vega’s classroom (M8) from 3:15-4:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your teacher has referred you to RRR for Algebra 1, you should be reporting to Mrs. Moreno’s classroom (M0) after school. Tutoring for Algebra 2, Pre-Cal and Calculus is available in M1 from 3:15-4:15, Monday through Thursday. Tutoring is also available in the Library Monday through Thursday from 3:15-4:15. A college math tutor is available in the Library on Mondays and Thursdays. Get the help you need now to be successful. Failing classes is a choice, because we have many supports in place to assist you. Don’t procrastinate. If you don’t pass the class now, you will have to retake it. Is that really what you want to do? Don’t be lazy. Get help; go to tutoring!
ARE YOU STRUGGLING IN ENGLISH? Tutoring, specifically for English, will be offered in Mrs. Galindo’s room (TR12) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15-4:15. If you are struggling in your English class and need further explanation or help, or if you need to make-up assignments, stop in and see Mrs. Galindo. Progress reports have been sent home. If you have a low grade, get the help you need now. English is a graduation requirement. You have to pass all 4 years, so get the help you need NOW. DON’T WAIT! Your future depends on your effort.





Craig Lyon