Registrar Information

Registrar: Veronica Quintero
Phone: 760.336.4303

What you need to register

  1. Pick up the registration packet from the school office, complete the packet and make sure all forms are signed
  2. Verification that you live within our school boundaries (electric bill, phone bill, gas  bill, water bill, the verification document must show the date within a month of registration, the parent or guardian name, and the ADDRESS of residence)
  3. Immunization records and birth certificate
  4. Transcript and withdrawal grades from previous school
  5. Students living with a relative other than their parents will need a notarized caregiver form or if a family is living with relatives they will need a caregiver form

Transcript Request

 Click here for request form.

  1. From out of town
    1. Send a letter with a check or money order for $2.00 to the registrar and proof of identification must be included
    2. Include your name as it was when you attended school (include your middle name) your date of birth,  graduation date or drop date.
    3. Give the address and contact as to where the transcript is to be mailed.  If you plan on picking up the transcript please note that the transcript will only be released to the person listed on the transcript.  Transcripts cannot be released to family members.
    4. Please allow two weeks for processing.
  2. Locally
    1. During the closure of our campus, please fill out the request form and mail it to: CUHS Attn: Veronica Quintero 1001 Brighton Avenue, El Centro, CA  92243
    2. Include a check or money order for $2.00
    3. Please allow one week for processing