College Entrance Requirements

University of California California State University Private University Community College

A-G Courses
  • History / Social Science: 2 years
  • English: 4 years
  • Math: 3 years; 4 recommended
  • Language Other than English: 2 years, 3 recommended
  • Visual & Performing Arts: 1 year
  • College Prep Electives: 1 year
Same as UC Similar as UC 18 years of age or high school graduate

Entrance Exams
  • SAT Reasoning Test or ACT w/ Writing
  • 2 SAT Subject Tests in two areas
SAT Reasoning or ACT SAT Reasoning or ACT N/A

GPA Minimum GPA is 3.0 Minimum GPA is 2.0 GPA Varies 3.0-4.0+ N/A

Personal Info. Personal Statement N/A Varies N/A

Extra Activities Community Service, Volunteer Works, Clubs, etc. Preferred Recommended N/A