Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Requirements:
-  All classes for Fall2020 will be offered online only
-  Minimum Cumulative GPA Requirement:
-   10th Graders must have above a 2.5 GPA
-   11th and 12th Graders must have above a 2.0 GPA
-  Student must complete Dual Enrollment Application online
Username: ivc.enroll
Password:  Enroll2020
-  Parent/Guardian must approve application online
-  High School Designee must approve application online
-  Student must complete IVC Admission Application
-   Go to imperial.edu, click on Apply Now, and select Go to the OpenCCC Online Application. Create an OpenCCC account and complete 
IVC Admission Application for Summer/Fall 2020.
-   Step-by-Step Video on How to Apply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPKfkDkH2k4
-   Step-by-Step Form on How to Apply: click here