Report Card Dates

Grade Reports are sent out 1-2 days after grades are due.

Progress Reports / Deficiency Notices

Grades Due

                 September 18th      

                 November 13th      

                 February 12th     

                 April 30th              


Report Cards:

Grading Period          End of Grading Period                Grades Due

Quarter 1                    October 12th                                October 16th 

Semester 1                December 20th                           Dec. 20th

Quarter 3                    March 15th                                  March 19th    

Semester 2                June 4th                                      June 5th


*Final grades for seniors are due Friday, May 24th*

Parents and students, please check the portal to view current student grades and communicate with teachers via email. A portal account can be requested by filling out a Portal Request Form .