Student Services


All students are part of caring community at Central Union High School where each member is valued and all students will grow in a positive environment. Central Union High School provides a safe, orderly and secure environment conducive to learning. We strive to create a school in which pupils  will attend regularly and be safe from both physical and social-psychological health.
Central Union High School ensures that attendance expectations and consequences are clear, positive, fair, known to and understood by students, parents and staff by utilizing the following strategies:
Attendance Calls Home                Daily Attendance Dialer 
Truancy Officer Home Visits 
COSA Counselor  Student Success Card 
Attendance Agreement  SART Meetings 
SARB Hearings  School Resource Officer 
Student Bike Program  Perfect Attendance Rewards 
Saturday School   
Students can report concerns and incidents to Student Services, if they feel they are a victim or witness to an incident that occurred on our campus. All discussions are confidential:
· Theft
· Harassment
· Bullying
· Safety Concerns
If you are experiencing a difficult event in your life and would like counseling services, we can refer you a referral to:
· Behavioral Health Counseling
· Drug / Alcohol Counseling
If you are a victim or witness to an incident that occurred on campus make sure you follow the following protocol:
· Visit Student Services
· Request to speak with Mrs. Rodriguez/School Resource Officer or School Administration
· Write down incident on incident form. All reports are CONFIDENTIAL.
Student Services will investigate incident. Interventions will be put in place if School Administration determines this is necessary to avoid further issues such as:
· No Contact Agreement
· Behavioral Agreements
· Conflict Resolutions Sessions
Student's Safety and Wellbeing is our foremost priority


Students if you need to report any bullying, social media issues, or just need someone to talk to, please email one of the following people:
Mrs. Adrienne Rodriguez, Assistant Principal of Student Services at: arodriguez@mycuhsd.org
Dr. Terri Fernandez at: tfernandez@mycuhsd.org
Mrs. Ramon Campos, Counselor on Special Assignment at: rcampos@mycuhsd.org