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Central Union High School

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  • General Information

    The Central Union High School District encourages the use of school buildings and grounds by the community for educational, recreational, civic, and cultural activities to the extent possible under the law. The Board believes that school facilities are an important resource in developing and sustaining lifelong learning, in promoting intergovernmental cooperation, and in encouraging citizen participation in community activities.

    The school facilities may be reserved to host such events, but only at times when they do not interfere with normal school operations. Such activities include, but are not limited to:  religious ceremonies and gatherings, dinner banquets, music concerts, art and cultural festivals, dance competitions, and organizational meetings.

    Have Questions? Contact Melinda Rogers or call 760-336-4507

    New Users Getting Started

    If you have never used CUHSD facilities before, you must first register as an Organization Event Coordinator (OEC). Below is a link to a helpful user's guide to assist you in this process.

    How to Request Access to Submit Online Facilities Requests

    How to Submit a Rental Request

    Once your organization has been approved, you may submit a rental request. These requests must be made at least 10 days prior to the event.

    • Go to Facility Use Calendar.
    • In the upper right corner, click on "Log in to Request Facility Use."
    • Log in using the email address and password submitted as part of your registration.
    • To check availability of the facility, use the filter buttons to choose a location and date(s).
    • Click the Request Facility Use tab at the top of the page. You have two choices:
    1. The Normal Schedule allows you to request from one to up to 20 events. All events should be in the same room(s) at the same time over different days.
    2. The Recurring Schedule allows you to choose up to 100 events in the same room(s) at the same time over different days. These events are scheduled on a recurring basis (i.e. every Monday and Wednesday for a month or every Sunday for a year, etc.)
    • Fill out the form which asks for the event title, description, school or APS facility, room or building, date(s) and start and end times.
    • Click Check Availability.
    • If the room/building is available, agree to the terms and conditions of the Building Use Agreement and provide information about fees charged by your organization.
    • Provide organization information including name, contact and insurance expiration date.
    • Request maintenance service including audio/visual, custodial, event break down, event set up, food service, technology and security.
    • Provide event information including number of adults and children attending, extra chairs required and parking spaces required.
    • List additional needs.
    • Sign using your email address and confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of facility usage.
    • Submit your request.

    You should receive an email notification confirming your request was received along with a schedule ID number, followed by an email confirming or denying your request.

    Please refer to the following documents.

  • Printable User Guide
  • Rules for Use of CUHSD Facilities
  • Organization Classifications
  • Rental Fees